Together Against Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?


Our Anti Trafficking Committee is donating 6 new backpacks to the Forensic Nurses at Enloe Hospital. They are filled with clothing and a few necessities and will be given to Trafficking victims (Youth) in our area.

There is no such thing as a child prostitute 

Sex Trafficking is a lucrative business, more so than selling arms and drugs. You can sell a gun once, but a 13-year-old girl, you can sell over and over again. The average age when a child is forced or coerced into Sex Trafficking is 12-14 years of age.   Traffickers prey on the vulnerable that can be lost in the foster system, a runaway or under the control of a “boyfriend”.   With internet access, a trafficker may spend a year grooming a potential victim. They may message 100 girls/boys online to see if they get any response. They just need one. It will start as an online relationship, but once the victim is alone with the trafficker, they are trapped.
Children are at risk of being trafficked in Butte County. A steering committee for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children, or CSEC, was formed in 2015 in Butte County.   Representatives of agencies such as law enforcement, Youth for Change, Rape Crisis, Butte County Office of Education, clinicians, nurses among others.  

Our Objectives for funds is to increase awareness and provide training to front line workers who require awareness of signs of trauma to provide help for victims:

1.  Increase public awareness of Sex Trafficking in the Chico area.  The bus add poster design includes graphics from The Polaris Project and the US Department of Homeland Security the national 24 hour human trafficking hotline for victims or to report suspected trafficking.   B-Line posters and shelter ads cost for one year is $6000 which would include posters on all busses for a year and four bus shelters for 3 months.  

2  Training is crucial for front line workers to keep up with current trends, such as invisible tattoos for branding.  Often clinicians pay for the training out of their own pocket.  An example of tuition cost is from $500 to $700.  Remember they can return and train coworkers.  We would like to support 5 to 8 clinicians with tuition for training depending on cost totals between $2500 and $4000.

Please support the fight against human trafficking with us.  

Soroptimist of Bidwell Rancho designed and was able to put up #StopHumanTrafficking posters in 34 B-Line Transit busses in and around Chico, helping to raise awareness.

S/I Bidwell Rancho’s President Linda Lucena handing a donation check to two staff members from 6th Street Center for Youth. The money will be used to send one of them to the Love146 training for Youth at risk of Trafficking or those who have been trafficked. It can also be added to train parents and caregivers, so they know what to look for.


Our bus shelter ads are up!!! One in front of Fairview High School and the other in front of the Chico Junior High school! The QR code will lead to more information about Human Trafficking!