Dream it, Be it Projects

2019 Dream it, Be it Project at Fairview High School

7 week Session

Take a look at the video

Invitation to Dream it, be it 03/27 – 05/08/2019

Dream it, Be it March/April 2018

7 Sessions at Fairview High School. A combined effort of SI Bidwell Rancho and SI Chico

04/04/2018- 05/16/2018

Take a look at Video Session 1 and 2

Video for Session 3 and 4

Video for Session 5/6 and 7

SI Bidwell Rancho is ready to start another Dream it, Be it Project! This time we are teaming up with SI Chico!! We are very exited about this. Between both clubs we will put our resources together and create a wonderful experience for Girls!

Invitation to Dream it, Be it 2018!

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