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Camp Fire Relief Fund Distribution by SI Bidwell Rancho

Camp Fire Relief Fund Update


As 2019 comes to a close, we are also closing out the Camp Fire Fund, which was made up of donations from our Soroptimist sisters near and far.  After disbursing $$$ earlier in the year, we disbursed the remaining $21,000 on November 8, 2019.  There were seven recipients of these funds, averaging $3000 each.  Six of the recipients have from one to four children, and one has a mother to care for.  These ladies and their families needed and requested funds for the most basic items including food, warm clothes, and blankets.  Some were also struggling with housing and relocation costs.  These women were given checks for discretionary expenses, as well as gift cards to Target, Walmart and Winco, and a personal note from us.  It has been a very humbling and heart warming privilege to serve on this committee on your behalf.”
– SI Bidwell Rancho, Camp Fire Relief Committee


*$500 each Visa Cards for two S- Club Members from Inspire High School

*$5000 to Richan T., a single mother of five who is trying to help her children adapt to their new normal. While they did not lose their home, there is quite a bit of smoke damage and the children had to change schools. Her first thought after we handed her a check was to purchase new pillows. The simple things.…

( R.) Tracie Williams, Richan T., Sally Mendez, Angie Little and 4 of Richan’s Children front

*$5000 to Cyrena F. – Cyrena and her family are reestablishing their family in Magalia after losing everything in the Camp Fire. They have purchased a piece of land in Magalia and have a travel trailer parked on the land. They are in the process of adopting their 3rd child and are attempting to rebuild, but needed to be able to pour a pad to obtain a loan to build. Our donation will help with that!

(L. to R. ) Cyrena’s children, Tracie Williams and Cyrena F.

*$1000 to Patty D. – Patty moved to Magalia from Chicago.  She is currently living in a cab-over camper with her two cats on a friends property.  She is on a limited budget and is having problems qualifying for affordable housing.  She states the funds she received will help her in her process to heal…and fill her gas tank since she is back and forth a lot.

(L. to R. ) Tracie Williams, Patty D. and Angie Little, (President)

*$1000 to Madeline H. – Madeline is currently living in Red Bluff after losing everything in the fire. She is a realtor in Paradise, has run an 11 bed house for pregnant females in domestic violence situations, and for disabled persons. Her 7 year old daughter is traumatized by the effects of the fire and is in need of counseling. Madeline is still trying to figure out the next best move for her and her daughter are. She would like to be in Paradise, but given the situation, she is torn about where to start over.

(L. to R.) Tracie Williams, Madeline H. and Sally Mendez

*$2500 to Lara F. – Lara was working at Feather River Hospital at the time of the fire where she lost everything.  She is currently working in Oroville, and commutes between Chico, and Fairfield to stay with her sisters.  Her two children (one grown but in college) are staying with family in Gridley with their pets.  She is helping her daughter with counseling costs because of stress related to the fire, using the funds for gas due to the commuting, and paying the expenses where her kids are staying. 

(L. to R.) Andie Little, (President), Tracie Williams, Lara F., Sally Mendez

*129 Galoshes delivered to the “Ponderosa” Elementary School students and staff at their Durham satellite location! Because the temporary location for Ponderosa Elementary School is in portable buildings behind Durham Elementary school, the students and teachers have to track 1/4 mile through the mucky wet grass back-and-forth several times a day… taking them to class from the main building, taking them back for recess, bringing them back for lunch and bringing them back for after school classes…Feet were wet to ankle level, causing a hardship for students and staff… SI Bidwell Rancho purchased and delivered the Galoshes to assist with that! Plus Committee Chair Tracie Williams donated 15 adult rain jackets and kids rain jackets and the funny yellow round rain hats that protects from rain.

( R.) Tracie Williams with the Ponderosa Principal and staff from Ponderosa Elementary School

Three different sets of recipients of Camp Fire Funds: They each received $1000 in Visa Gift Cards, delivered by committee chair Tracie Williams   Nicole, who lives in a tent trailer  with her 10 year old daughter in Paradise and is living without heat and is using a small burner to cook on.  She used to work as a Barista in Paradise.  She is living on unemployment as her job burned…she has just been notified that she is being kicked off the property her tent trailer is parked on effective immediately.  (the owner told her they are not a storage facility and have not been kind to her).  She has no place to go.   Candi was a resident of the Esplanade House, and later worked for them for several years.  She works IHSS, is living in a trailer in Red Bluff and commutes back and forth to Chico.  She had to leave another IHSS job because she was being harassed for asking for help.  It made it impossible to do her job.  Her kids are grown.  She could use assistance with gas as she just went back to work since the fire.     Paradise Intermediate will use the funds for classroom supplies that will enable teachers to better teach students at the school.  

top left: Tracie Williams and Candi M, top right: Tracie Williams and Nicole A., bottom Tracie Williams and Paradise Middle school Principal Chris Dunlap

SI Bidwell Rancho and SI Chico have been splitting all Donations and are continuing to distribute to different people and places, affected by the Camp Fire. If you need some help or looking for Camp Fire Relief Resources, please send us a message using this Form

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Camp Fire resource website:  Help Central 2-1-1 Butte County

If you need housing or have housing visit this website:  Camp Fire Housing

For debris removal information:  Butte County Recovers/Debris Removal

If you are a business owner get help at this website:  Butte County Recovers/Business

For missing animals and shelter information:  Butte County Recovers/Animals

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